The Arts

At Cheltenham Secondary College, we value the benefits of a well-rounded study in the Arts.

At the Year 7 and 8 level, students are exposed to semester-long courses in; Drama where students learn how to create a character, gain skills in playmaking, mime and the wonderful world of fables and fairy tales, Music students achieve a solid grounding in the elements of music, rhythm, orchestra, and keyboard performance, finally, practice and folios in both 2D Art and Drawing complement a unique and enriching experience in producing ceramic work.

In Year 9, Chelt.Sec’s Arts electives provide a range of fun and rewarding experiences and skills.

Architectural Drawing and Interior Design allows students to design their ‘dream home’, while Drama offers the chance to rehearse and perform student-driven adaptations of existing works.

Our popular Media Studies program allows students to explore the magic of media through photography and animation along with the exploration of film styles.

We also offer Music Performance as a subject, which is highly recommended for those in the instrumental music and singing program.

Art allows students to undertake studies in 2D Studio Art which explores drawing, painting, collage, printmaking and mixed media or 3D Studio Art which focuses primarily on ceramics and sculptureceramics and sculpture.

Visual Communication and Design is a stand-alone subject where participants use both computer software and technical drawing skills to work on a range of design briefs.

As students form a clearer understanding of their passions, Year 10 electives provide a variety of choices:

Architectural Drawing and Interior Design explores the relationship between architecture and the environment, while Drama further hones performance and critical reflection skills.

Media Studies moves further into the production processes of photography and video while Music Performance is a practical subject giving a solid grounding in music composition and performance.

2D Studio Art moves from the acquisition of skills to encouraging and prioritising the development of individual art practice and 3D Studio Art provides exciting opportunities in the areas of ceramics, sculpture, and installation art with experienced practitioners as guides.

Visual Communication and Design incorporates a range of drawing methods, including computer-based and conventional to produce a folio, sketchbook, and research projects.

Our unique and specialised extension electives give students exposure to advanced skills and understandings in Visual Arts, Drama, Music, and Media. This a great opportunity to prepare for VCE. After completing a thorough grounding in Arts subjects in years 7-10, students at Cheltenham Secondary College are ready for a rewarding two years of VCE Arts.

VCE Music offers students opportunities to perform, create and study music across a range of genres, cultures, and historical contexts. Students select their instrument as a study in which they develop their solo performance skills and rehearse and perform with one of the College’s ensembles – Cheltenham Voices, VCE Guitar Ensembles or Senior Concert Band.

Art Making and Exhibiting equips students with the knowledge and skills to pursue an art studio practice and follow tertiary and industry pathways in fine art, research, and education.

Media provides students with the opportunity to analyse media products and concepts in an informed and critical way. Students consider media texts, technologies, and processes from various perspectives, including an analysis of structure and features.

Theatre Studies at VCE level aims to expose students to a wide range of theatrical styles, from the pre-modern to the modern era. Students are exposed to a variety of script excerpts, theatrical styles, and theatre technologies. The course scaffolds students from the exploration and acquisition of both performance skills (acting) and design skills (lighting, set design, costume and makeup, stage management) to the interpretation and realisation of a full play for performance.

Visual Communication and Design involves the study of the vocabulary and grammar of visual communication, including the understanding and application of drawing and design elements and the principles of function and design in communication.

No matter what Arts subject is chosen, students have the unique chance to make the move from a consumer of Art to a producer and practitioner of Art: an immensely rewarding end to the school journey and great preparation for the next phase in their lives.

Please refer to the relevant year-level curriculum under the LEARNING tab for more information about the Arts at Chelt.Sec.

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