The innovative learning programs implemented across all year levels at Cheltenham provide for the development of strong, reciprocal and productive relationships between teachers and students. The Pastoral Care Program has been introduced to support these learning programs and to allow for increased contact time between a significant adult and individual students.

Cheltenham Secondary College's base data across all year levels, supports the concept of improved learning behaviours, motivation to learn, improved attendance and a decrease in student management issues are directly related to individual student wellbeing.

In supporting our young people here at the College, we acknowledge our current research that identifies positive teacher/student relationships as integral to improved wellbeing and the learning and retention of students, the college recognises the need to introduce a program that builds wellbeing, resilience and specific skills required at the various stages of secondary school.

As educators, we know how closely our students’ learning is linked to their social and emotional health. By providing individual assistance and enjoyable wellbeing programs for all, we aim for success and engagement in all aspects of their lives. Nurturing the wellbeing of young people in our care contributes positively to their academic success and helps develop a college environment that is respectful, safe, responsible and dedicated to helping students achieve their personal best.

There are many highlights our college provides for our young people to help them become resilient and well rounded young adults. Our proactive wellbeing programs are held throughout the year catering for all year levels and include:

- Pastoral care
- Mancave/Values for Life
- Camps and excursions
- Resilience program
- Year 7 transition program
- Respect-Protect-Connect
- BBQs
- Study Skills
- Winter Chillout
- Work Experience
- Class Conferences
- Cybersafety
- Party Safe/Schoolies
- Course Counselling
- Opportunities for parent involvement
- Information evenings
- Wellbeing Team student presentations/workshops
- Keys please
Meet the team

Members of the Wellbeing Team are here to support all students, staff, parents and friends of Cheltenham Secondary College.

Our current team Members are for 2023:

Kerri Haworth: Director of Wellbeing.  Kerri's role includes being the leader of our team of Counsellors and Wellbeing workers, case management and triage of referrals to both on and off-campus agencies.

Nella Foley: Mental Health Nurse.  Nella works with critical incidents and low-level counselling. Nella is not at the College on Wednesdays and every second Friday.

Daniel Ferdinands: Youth Engagement Officer. Daniel is employed full-time at the College.

Nicole: Wellbeing Counsellor. Nicole is at the College on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Donna: Wellbeing Counsellor. Donna is at the College on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Jackie: Visiting Counsellor. Jackie is at the College on Fridays.

Glenda: Visiting Counsellor. Glenda is at the College on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Doris: Visiting Counsellor. Doris is at the College on Wednesdays.

Visiting Counsellor. Tongli is at the College on Thursdays and Fridays.

Aarti: Visiting Counsellor. Aarti is at the College on Tuesdays.

Ronald: Visiting Counsellor. Ronald is at the College on Fridays.

Michaela: Visiting Counsellor. Michaela is at the College on Thursdays.

Harry: Visiting Counsellor. Harry is at the College on Mondays.

Patty: Therapy Dog. Patty is onsite most days and is always ready for a pat or cuddle.

The Wellbeing Team is available to assist students on an individual basis and can help with issues such as:

- Peer relationships
- Learning Difficulties/ Modified Program Support
- Family Issues
- Homelessness
- Transition to Secondary College
- Drugs and Alcohol
- Mental Health
- Body image
- Bullying and Cybersafety
- Academic Issues/ Study Skills/Organisation
- Anger Management
- Financial Assistance
- School Reluctance
- Trauma, Grief or Loss
Factors that help young people feel safe
- Connections to non parental adults
- Access to opportunities that help them learn
- Feeling safe at school
- A strong sense of resilience
- A safe community environment at home
- Academic achievement and other skills/talent
- Physical wellness: sleep, nutrition and exercise
- A good network of health services
We are here to listen...How do students and families reach out to the college Wellbeing Team?

Students can be referred by parents/guardians, their subschool or they can self-refer, either in person or by completing the form below and a member of the Wellbeing Team will contact the student. 

We have someone for you to speak to every day of the school week.  Just come to Reception or email Ms Haworth and she will arrange an appointment for you either with herself or with someone from the Wellbeing Team.

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Financial and Resource Assistance

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Respect ~ Responsibility ~ Personal Best ~ Sense of Community

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