Year 8 Curriculum

In Year 8, you will explore a new range of ideas and subjects in the core subjects of Maths, English and Science while building your knowledge in new areas of Art, Technology and Sport. You will go on camp and participate in interschool sports and different wellbeing programs. At the end of the year, you will have the exciting opportunity to choose your Year 9 electives!

English Maths Science
We continue to study novels and examine the way stories are constructed. We examine current events, persuasive language and films.
You will develop and hone your mathematics skills in a new set of challenges in learning percentages, statistics, linear equations and measurement.
A new year in Science will allow you to explore more experiments to understand a range of biological, chemical, earth and physical sciences.
Humanities - History Humanities - Geography Italian
Explore the relationship between the ancient world and today by exploring Medieval Europe and Japan while investigating the impact of the Plague.
Take your knowledge on the road with mapping and geography skills by reporting on findings from an excursion in our natural environment.
We hone your skill in the great language of Italian by developing your ability to speak, present, listen and respond using excellent grammar.
Visual Arts Drama and Music Materials Technology: Wood
While exploring the worlds of cubist and environmental art, you can put your creativity to the test in architectural and drawing in two point perspective.
In Drama, we step onto the stage to perform mime, physical theatre and explore the world of Commedia Dell'Arte while building to an ensemble performance. In Music, it is your chance to make your own video game musical score! When learning how to play the keyboard you will hear and respond to music and make your own composition.
It is safety first as you first learn to use the tools of the trade carefully. Then, you can design, develop and produce door stops and wooden boxes.
Food Technology Physical Education PASE
Grow on your knowledge and skills of the kitchen you acquired in your introductory year and investigate other interesting areas of food.
You will explore a range of new sports and skills and put your fitness to the test.
Explore your own destiny again by choosing between AFL, table tennis, hockey, indoor, bat, net, racquet or alternative sports.
Health Pastoral Care
We learn about the issues that matter most to you by exploring the issues surrounding adolescent health and the dangers of smoking.
This is where away from your normal subjects, your class gets together to be involved in different activities such as assemblies, wellbeing, special presentations and guest speakers.

Respect ~ Responsibility ~ Personal Best ~ Sense of Community

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