Welcome past students of Cheltenham High and Cheltenham Secondary College, we have created a LinkedIn Alumni group in which you’re able to connect and network with your fellow Alumni, as well as share memorable moments of your time at Chelt.High/Chelt.Sec.

Students graduate from Cheltenham Secondary College equipped for the challenges of life. Over the years, many Chelt.Sec Alumni have gone on to make a mark in the local community and the wider world, in fields as diverse as medicine and law, the arts, sports, science and business. Here are just a few of our fabulous alumni.

You are a very special group of our college community and we would love for you to share your achievements post Chelt.High/Chelt.Sec with the community, if you would like to be featured on our website in our Alumni “Where are they now” series please email with a short bio and a high-quality image to accompany it.

We look forward to following your journey and connecting with you further in our Cheltenham Secondary College Alumni Group.

Where are they now?

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