College Official Communication Channels

Please find following the official/endorsed communication channels provided by Cheltenham Secondary College to our community to ensure you are informed correctly.

1. Compass
(device app and/or desktop web-based application).
The official communication medium for our community. Please ensure your notifications are turned on so you are kept up to date.  Chelt.Sec uses Compass for:

  • Student's class updates
  • Student's timetabling
  • Messages from the Principal, School Council and Staff
  • Event information 
  • Parent contribution payments
  • Parent, Student, Teacher Conference bookings
  • Student reports
  • School photo ordering
  • Payments for sport, excursions and incursions
2. The Cheltonian (college newsletter)

This publication is released three times per term and is shared via direct subscription, via the college website, and links on Compass and our official social media platforms. Please ensure you read this publication to stay informed.

3. College website
The college website is full of information that you may require. If there is information you need that is not there, please contact

4. Social Media

We understand that not everyone is on social media, so this platform is your last resort when it comes to receiving up-to-date and relevant information. The college has four endorsed social media sites and comments are open to our community, however, comments are to remain respectful and relevant, if they are found unsuitable, admins of these groups have permission to delete them and the college may contact you directly to discuss any issues you may have.

1. Facebook: 

  • Cheltenham Secondary College 
    This is the official Facebook page of the college owned and run by the college. This page is your go-to for announcements, reminders, updates (that have also been sent via Compass) and photos and stories of what has been happening at the college (these are also shared in the newsletter).
  • Cheltenham Secondary College Parents and Family
    Created in 2021 this Facebook page is moderated by a parent volunteer. This page was created as a platform for families to ask questions, swap information, and offer books and uniforms for sale. 

2. Instagram:

  • Cheltenhamsec
    This page mirrors the Cheltenham Secondary College Facebook page.

3. LinkedIn:

  • Cheltenham Secondary College
    This is our newest platform and was set up to create an Alumni, some posts that are shared on the official Facebook and Instagram pages can also be seen on this platform.

We understand that there are other social media groups that use the College name and/or logo, however only those that are listed above will contain correct and relevant information for our community.

Respect ~ Responsibility ~ Personal Best ~ Sense of Community

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