College History

Cheltenham Secondary College, a brief history

Cheltenham Secondary College, when first established in 1959 was named Cheltenham High School and its first year was spent at Beaumaris High School. At the time of its formation, with 64 pupils, it was the smallest high school in Victoria. In 1960 the school moved to its permanent and present site. Cheltenham High School was officially opened by The Honourable J.S. Bloomfield, M.L.A., Minister of Education on 28th August 1962.

In 1987, Cheltenham High School was renamed Cheltenham Secondary College. The name 'Secondary College' indicates that the old distinction between High and Technical schools was a thing of the past as most schools adopted the new designation. The change was the result of the Ministry of Education's determination to reorganise schools to make the most of available resources and to provide the widest possible curriculum for the children of Victoria. So, the Minister decreed that Cheltenham High School would be a '7-12 stand-alone Secondary College'.

College Crest

The crest is adapted from the civic coat of arms of the parent town of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, after which our

Cheltenham is named. The coat of arms of this town gave the inspiration for the school emblem back in 1959.

The Cheltenham, England coat of arms tells the history of the town:

  • The pigeons, signify the presence of the mineral waters for which the town first became famous in the eighteenth century as a spa and health resort.
  • The books remind us that Cheltenham is host to several of England's most famous schools.
  • The cross signifies the manor of the saintly Edward the Confessor.
  • The tree signifies the leafy streets and parks of Cheltenham.

The basic design of our college crest has some resemblance to the Cheltenham, England coat of arms. The blue and red sections have been reversed to represent that we are in the southern hemisphere. This conveniently allows us to include the stars of the Southern Cross on a blue background, which by itself is the coat of arms of Victoria.

The school motto, Health and Learning is a translation of the English Cheltenham's Latin motto, Salubritas et Eruditio.

Respect ~ Responsibility ~ Personal Best ~ Sense of Community

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