Literacy and Numeracy

At Cheltenham Secondary College we aim to improve student outcomes in both literacy and numeracy.  Teachers use data to build their understanding of student capabilities.

The collection of data across our school enables us to better understand where our students are at and what they are ready to learn next.  We currently use Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT) and On Demand Testing (ODT) standardised testing for all students in Years 7-9.  Students complete PAT Math, Reading and Science during Term 1 whilst completing ODT English and Mathematics during Term 4.  Together with NAPLAN and school Learning Task data our teachers are able to monitor and diagnose the individual learning needs of our students.  We can monitor student progress to identify high achievers and also those who may be achieving but not showing growth in their progress.

The school Enhancement Program is designed to build students' creative and critical thinking skills. The students in the program complete a standard curriculum but are given opportunities for enhancement within their English, Math, Science and Humanities classes to develop their higher order thinking skills and reasoning skills.  Students interested in the Enhancement Program sit a selection test that examines their writing skills as well as their literacy, numeracy, science and reasoning skills.

The use of the standarised testing data enables the school to identify students that may need additional support.  We use this data to help identify candidates who would benefit from direct literacy and numeracy teaching support through the Middle Years Literacy and Numeracy Support (MYLNS) initiative.  The MYLNS program currently supports students in Years 8, 9 and 10 who are at risk of being below the national minimum standard in literacy and numeracy.

Further, this data has enabled us to identify students for the Department of Education and Training’s Tutor Learning Initiative in response to the learning disruption caused by COVID-19 for some students.  Our data enables us to identify students who have not shown learning growth as expected so that we can target them for support with our tutors to bridge any gaps that have emerged in their literacy and numeracy data.  

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