School Camps are an integral part of a student's school experience and will provide lasting memories throughout their time here at Cheltenham. Extra-curricular camps provide students with opportunities to grow as individuals and to strengthen connections with peers and college staff members.

Local and Interstate Camps

Year 7 - Forest Edge; Whole year level, Term 1

Year 8 - Camp Rumbug; Whole year level, Term 2

Year 9 - Indigenous Camp, Scotdesco South Australia; Optional, Term 3

Years 9 - 12 - Ski Camp; Optional, Term 3

Year 10 - Canberra Tour; Whole year level, Term 3

Years 10 - 12 - Central Australia; Optional, Term 1

Year 11 - Phillip Island Adventure Resort, Whole year level, Term 1

International Tours

Italian Study Tour; Optional, every three years in Term 2

World Challenge/Camps International; Optional, every three years in Term 4

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