Three reasons for international students to choose Cheltenham Secondary College:

  1. A safe, caring, and supportive community with a high local student to international student ratio that offers genuine integration.
  2. All year 12 students successfully graduate with 100% of university and other tertiary education destination.
  3. The Principal is responsible for each student and provides support to parents and homestay families.

International Student Program Introduction:

Cheltenham Secondary College was established in 1968 and is a single campus, Year 7–12 co-educational college of approximately 900 students. We maintain an excellent reputation as an academic school, with a strong sports program and community engagement profile.

The International Student Program (ISP) at Cheltenham Secondary College is operated in accordance with Victorian Government accreditation and has been successfully educating and supporting students from a wide variety of backgrounds since 2005. We have welcomed students from mainland China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam and several European countries. We are committed to steady, supported growth, ensuring strong student support both within the program and in the wider school community and classrooms.

Respect ~ Responsibility ~ Personal Best ~ Sense of Community

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