College Uniform

Students are to adhere to the College's Uniform Policy at all times.

Uniforms are to be purchased from Bob Stewart Pty Ltd, 93 Balcombe Road, Mentone, 3194 or ordered online.

The College operates a small online second-hand uniform shop. Limited supplies of second-hand uniforms are available during the year. 

Second-hand uniforms can also be sold and purchased online through

Parents who have difficulty in meeting uniform costs have always been assisted and this will continue. All such requests are treated with confidence and respect. The Student Wellbeing Manager or an Assistant Principal should be contacted to discuss the support that we may be able to provide to families experiencing difficulty meeting uniform costs.

The school uniform has two categories; Academic and Sport.

Academic uniform

  • Cheltenham SC tartan dress (length must be worn below the knee)
  • Cheltenham SC tartan skirt (length must be worn below the knee)
  • White business or Cheltenham SC shirt (with peaked collar), long or short sleeves
  • Royal blue Cheltenham SC wool blend jumper (Years 7-10)
  • Red wool blend Cheltenham SC jumper (Years 11-12)
  • Navy blue, grey or black socks (with no visible branding) OR black tights
  • Black polishable hard leather lace-up school shoes with black laces (NO RUNNERS)
  • Long grey tailored trousers OR grey tailored “walk shorts” (purchased from Bob Stewart)
  • Belts must be plain black or grey (leather or vinyl) and not oversized 
  • Cheltenham SC softshell jacket or puffer jacket (note: these are the ONLY jacket option for all Year 7-12 students to be worn over the College wool blend school jumper for warmth or directly over the school uniform).

Sport uniform

  • Cheltenham SC leggings OR black Cheltenham SC shorts (no other leggings or shorts accepted)
  • Cheltenham SC PE polo Years 7-10 (VCE PE polo available)
  • White sports socks or red football socks
  • Lace-up runners or cross-trainers (no skate shoes or volley/dress shoes)
  • Optional - Cheltenham SC Tracksuit Pants (no other tracksuit pants accepted)
  • Cheltenham SC caps or broad-brimmed hats are compulsory for ALL students in PE, PASE, Outdoor Education, Interschool Sport, Camps and excursions in Terms 1 and 4 as per the SunSmart Policy
  • The Cheltenham SC branded softshell jacket or puffer jacket are the ONLY options for PE, PASE, Outdoor Education classes and Interschool Sport
  • The College strongly recommends the use of mouth guards fitted by a dentist for high-risk PE and sport/physical activities.

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