Become a Homestay Host

As a host family, you will play a vital role in the life of our international students in their education journey in Australia.

There are many benefits to being a Homestay Host, these include: 

  • Cultural exchange experience: you will have the opportunity to enjoy different cultures. You will share your culture with your homestay students, and they will also share theirs with you.
  • Lifetime friendship: you will enjoy a lifelong friendship with your homestay students.
  • Language learning: You and your family will have the opportunity to learn and practice another language.
  • Financially support: You will receive a $370 reimbursement per week for hosting a student. This includes three meals a day, and all utilities.

How do I become a host?

The process for placing homestay students is as follows:

1. Register as a host by:

· Completing the expression of interest form on the website, or

· Phone: (03) 9555 5955, or 

· Email:

2. Our homestay coordinator will contact you and book a time for a site visit.

3. The Homestay Coordinator will create a host profile for approval by the College Principal.

4. You will be matched with an international student, and be supported throughout the experience by our Homestay Coordinator.

Payment for homestay services

The student’s family will pay a bond equivalent to a two week fee to our college.

You will be paid two weeks in advance, either by the student directly, or by the College.

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