Enhancement Program

What is the Enhancement Program?

The Enhancement Program at Cheltenham Secondary College provides opportunities to enrich the student learning experience, enabling students to explore their studies in greater depth. Studies in the core subjects of English, Maths, Science and Humanities will be enriched in this program.

The program will mirror a standard Year 7 curriculum with a focus on encouraging skills that enable students to self-regulate their learning. The program will align with the core school values of Respect, Responsibility, Personal Best and Sense of Community. The focus of the program is to expand capabilities in order to help students find connections and transfer their learning experiences from the classroom to the real world.

Applications for the 2024 Enhancement Program will be posted here later in the year. 
Any queries in regards to the 2023 Program are to be directed to:

- Emily Nicholls (Acting Assistant Principal - Student Enhancement/Data Literacy): nic@cheltsec.vic.edu.au
- Kathi Anderson (Acting Director of Junior School): ank@cheltsec.vic.edu.au

Enhancement Program FAQs

1. How can my child apply for the Enhancement Program? 

Applications/expressions of interest for the Enhancement Program will be made available from Term 3. Students will then be required to participate in a test comprising of a writing task and a multiple-choice test evaluating their literacy, numeracy, science and reasoning skills.

2. If my child is successful in gaining a place in the Enhancement Program when will they be informed? 
Students (and parents/guardians) will be advised in the first week of December.

3. How does the enhancement class differ from standard Year 7 classes? 
Students in the enhancement class undertake the standard Year 7 Curriculum with the addition of a range of extension tasks, activities and content with the aim of challenging them to achieve their potential. The broad aim of the program is to develop high-order thinking skills so that our students can gain a deeper understanding of the topics studied and the world around them.

4. Who do I contact if I have questions about the Enhancement Program?
Emily Nicholls (Acting Assistant Principal - Student Enhancement/Data Literacy): nic@cheltsec.vic.edu.au
Kathi Anderson (Acting Director of Junior School): ank@cheltsec.vic.edu.au

Respect ~ Responsibility ~ Personal Best ~ Sense of Community

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