Chelt.Sec offers three areas of study in technology from Years 7 to 12. Food Technology, Materials Technology - Wood and Digital Technologies. 

In Year 7 students complete a semester in both Food Technology and Digital Technology. Whilst in Year 8 students will complete another semester of Food Technology and one of Materials Technology - Wood.

Technology in Year 9 and Year 10 are elective units, where students can choose to complete either a semester unit or a full year.

At VCE we offer all units for VCE Design Technology - Woodwork and VCE Food Studies. Whilst Technology is a specialised area it is not compulsory to complete Technology at Year 10 to enrol in a VCE Technology unit, it is, however, recommended.

Please refer to the relevant year-level curriculum under the LEARNING tab for more information about Technology at Chelt.Sec.

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