Many subjects fall under the Science banner; Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, STEM, Biology, the Ecosystem, the list goes on and on.

At Chelt.Sec, students start their science journey in Year 7 by learning how to conduct scientific investigations, how to plan, undertake experiments safely, critically evaluate results and present these in a variety of ways. They learn to think like a scientist while learning about the world around them, how to separate mixtures based on physical properties, forces and their effects, classification and our place in space.

In Year 8, students continue to learn about the levels of organisation of living things from cells to body systems; how matter is organized and how matter can change and about different types of energy. Students undertake experiments, plan investigations and Cape Schanck to see some special adaptations. 

All students in Year 9 begin their year of science by studying Ecosystems and undertaking a snorkelling excursion to Ricketts Point. Students also study chemistry, focussing on atomic structure and reactions of acids; physics, focussing on light and electricity; biology, focussing on the immune system and disease and global systems, focussing on energy above and below the earth’s surface. Students also have the opportunity to choose Science electives.

In Year 10, all students study science as a core subject for the first six months. This unit aims to give students a solid foundation in three of the main areas of science: Physics, Chemistry and Biology. They also have the opportunity to take their learning of the sciences further by selecting relevant electives which give students a firm foundation for VCE science subjects.

The science subjects offered in VCE are; Chemistry, Physics, Psychology and Biology. Studying science in VCE opens the doors to many courses and provides opportunities for challenges. 

Please refer to the relevant year-level curriculum under the LEARNING tab for more information about Science at Chelt.Sec.

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