The core skills of English focus on Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

In Year 7, students engage with various texts for enjoyment and listen to, read, view, and interpret texts designed to inform and persuade. Students produce imaginative, informative and persuasive pieces of writing where they draw on the knowledge gained from studying a variety of texts.

As students move into Year 8, there are opportunities to build on these developing skills and consolidate their command of more complex ideas through a wider range of materials. They create their own pieces that consider context, audience and purpose.

Year 9s investigate a range of literary and media texts and explore themes of human experience and cultural significance. In doing so, they develop a critical understanding of abstract ideas.

In Year 10, our curriculum aims to prepare students for future pathways with multi-faceted texts that both support and extend students. They learn to evaluate perspective, bias and the credibility of sources.

English is the only compulsory subject at VCE. It is central to developing a student’s ability to become confident, articulate and critically aware communicators. The focus is on how language is used to create meaning. Students study written, spoken and multimodal texts of varying complexity in order to develop the ability to create and analyse. English helps to develop a sense of self, their world and their place in it. English helps to equip students for participation in a democratic society.
Literature can be selected as well as English. It provides the opportunity to practice reading deeply, widely and critically. Students analyse literary language elements and techniques that function within a text and examine historical and cultural contexts. It is a subject that investigates the assumptions, views and values of both the writer and the reader. 

Please refer to the relevant year-level curriculum under the LEARNING tab for more information about English at Chelt.Sec.

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