2023 Funky Farm Visit

On Friday 19th May, our Principal Karl Russell chaperoned our language centre students and their language buddies to Funky Farm. Located on the Mornington Peninsula in Hastings, Funky Farm is an animal sanctuary that gives visitors the opportunity to come up close and personal with beloved Australian animals. Our students experienced petting and cuddling with emus, wombats, dingos, lizards, kangaroos, and snakes. They also had the chance to take photos with a koala. 

One of the highlights of the day was meeting the two wombats Boo and Wade. Once the door of their enclosure opened, the girl and boy came rushing out eager for their sweet potatoes. They were so distracted by their food that they would let anyone pet them. 

Everyone enjoyed their unique experience at Funky Farm and our language centre students bonded with their language buddies. 

Special thanks to our Principal, Karl Russell and other attending staff, Language Centre teacher Kristy Collins, and International Student Manager Lily Lawton for making this experience happen for our international students.

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