VCE Curriculum

VCE is a two-year certificate with scored assessments leading to the award of an ATAR. An ATAR is required for entry into University courses. VCE students typically select 6 subjects (Units 1 & 2) at Year 11 level and 5 (Units 3 & 4) at Year 12 level.   

In all VCE studies, assessment methods focus on the completion of tasks both during normal class time and after school. After school assessment allows for fairness and consistency in all classes in a given subject. All units require a minimum class attendance rate of 90% to achieve a satisfactory result.

Senior studies are stressful and require a lot of dedication. The Senior School Team of Year Level Coordinators as well as the Careers and Student Welfare Teams are always here to assist students.

Subject Descriptions


Respect ~ Responsibility ~ Personal Best ~ Sense of Community

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