Year 7 Scholarships

Applications are invited from Grade 6 students for one of six scholarships available for students entering Year 7 at Cheltenham Secondary College in 2024.

Applicants must be academically sound and of excellent all-round potential. They must be able to demonstrate the capacity to benefit from and contribute to the life of the college.

Scholarships will be applicable over Years 7 and 8 to the value of $1,200. They will take the form of a credit note to be used for relevant expenses: Year 7 camp, musical instrumental tuition and hire of instruments, and excursions ($600 will be available for Year 7 expenses with $600 being available for Year 8 expenses).

The continuation of the scholarship into Year 8 will depend upon a successful review at the end of Year 7. This review will be conducted by the Principal. Scholarships may be terminated by the Principal if the recipient’s conduct or progress is not satisfactory. Scholarship holders demonstrating successful progress will receive the credit note for the $600 for Year 8.

Scholarships available are:

  • College All-Rounder x 2
  • Academic Excellence x 2
  • Sports Achievement x 1
  • Musical Excellence x 1

The Principal may, at his discretion, decide not to award a scholarship if a satisfactory standard is not achieved. Assessment will be based upon:

  • Interview
  • The last two school reports
  • Specific individual criteria (dependent upon the type of scholarship) as addressed in the application and at the interview.

Shortlisting will be based on the application. 
Closing date for applications: 15th September 2023.
An interview and/or audition date will be advised to the applicant if successful.

Student's Details


Parent/Guardian's Details

Application Details

Please provide details, can be in or outside of school.
Please provide details, can be in or outside of school.
Can be at school or within the community. Please provide details.
If you are successful in gaining a scholarship.
  • Contribution to the total life of the primary school 
  • Involvement in the wider community 
  • Demonstrated compatibility with the ethos of Cheltenham Secondary College 
  • Proven academic record 
  • Proven ability in The Arts and/or Sport 
  • The successful applicant will be expected to be a positive role model and participate in the activities in the College community.
  • Proven outstanding academic ability at primary school
  • Achievement in statewide/national academic competitions
  • A positive approach to school work
  • Grade 5 NAPLAN results
  • Demonstrated compatibility with the ethos of Cheltenham Secondary College
  • Contribution to the total life of the primary school.
  • Proven outstanding sporting ability at primary school
  • Achievement in statewide/national sporting competitions
  • A positive approach to school work
  • Contribution to the total life of the primary school.

Cheltenham Secondary College offers an annual scholarship to a new Year 7 student demonstrating musical excellence on an instrument. Please note that where we refer to an ‘instrument’ this includes voice.

Applicants for the Music Scholarship should attach a letter outlining the student’s musical experiences including the instrument they will be auditioning on, approximate standard and involvement in music at primary school.

The recipient of the scholarship will receive:

  • A guaranteed place in the College’s Instrumental Music Program
  • Two years of free tuition on their instrument (including voice)
  • A place in the College’s ensemble program

Criteria for Selection:

As a guide, applicants for the music scholarship would be expected to have at least two years tuition (private or through your primary school’s instrumental music program) on an instrument, and be able to read music at, at least, a basic level. Applications will be shortlisted based on the information provided through the application process, and shortlisted candidates will be invited to complete an audition and interview on a date to be confirmed.

Audition Requirements:

  1. Perform two contrasting pieces on the chosen instrument (accompaniment must be provided where appropriate. Students are expected to provide their own accompanist and/or backing track)
  2. Answer some simple music theory questions based on the sheet music they are using for the audition.

Have a short discussion with the audition panel about:

  1. What they contributed to their primary school’s music program
  2. Involvement in any music programs/ensembles/camps/exams outside their school (e.g. Melbourne Youth Music, Australian Girl’s Choir, musical theatre, AMEB, CPA or ANZCA exams, etc)
  3. Why they would like to be involved in the music program at Cheltenham.


Students who are awarded a Musical Excellence scholarship are expected to participate in the full music program offered at Cheltenham Secondary College. The College offers ensembles of all levels including choirs, concert bands, guitar ensembles and contemporary groups. The student will be expected to participate in a weekly ensemble (pianists will be expected to accompany and/or sing in the choir) and attend all relevant performances, excursions, camps and activities. Your commitment also includes the continued practice of your instrument at home.

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